All Polished and Professional workshops are available to large groups, to small teams, and even to individuals. These workshops can be presented at your company location at times convenient to you. The following are samples of on-site events:


• Powerful Communications:  Public Speaking for Scientists

• Leadership at the Bench:  Effective Communications for

  Technical Managers

• Time Management for Scientists

• Technical Writing for Scientists

On-Site Workshops

Special Events

Lab Manager Leadership Summit 2020
Nashville TN


June 1-3 2020

Effective Communication WILL mitigate Conflict

Presented by Rick Parmely

Tuesday, June 2, 2020 at 4pm






Is your team effective in commuicating results, plans, vision, or any topic that moves your business forward?  Are you setting the example or have you yourself struggled with communicating vision and direction to your team? 


One-on-one coaching will take your team to the next level.  Request a coaching plan tailored to your needs and those of your organization.  Pricing is competitive and results unparalleled.


Consider on-site coaching to:


• To become a more effective public speaker and communicator

• Manage your team more effectively, lead them to new levels of

   skill and accomplishment

• Refine your writing skills

One-on-One Coaching

Labx Leadership summit is a great opportunity for experiencing Polished and Professional training - to become great public presenters, better leaders, or to better manage your time and busy life.  All workshops involve understanding key principles and then audience participation demonstrating how to make practical application of the material presented.  These workshops continue to receive high praise. 


For example, Bill Taliaferro, National Sales Director for Blue Mountain Quality Resources commented:  "Having more work than time, I came in thinking I could use my time better, but in the end I was very glad I attended  ... it was very helpful."

Event Workshops