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Successful collaborations have produced sterling results for the following companies.  Join the growing

number who have experienced exceptional benefits after participating in Polished and Professional events.

Principal Investigator Leader


Principal Investigator Leader requested a series of webinars for their vast network of scientists, doctoral, and post-doctoral students. Initially, the list focused on communications, e.g., presentation techniques to enable scientists to present data in a robust, engaging, and interesting way. 

After the initial series of webinars were delivered, a greater need developed: Could additional topics and training be provided in an equally compelling format?  Topics including time management, work-flow management in the laboratory, and the proper handling of teaching responsibilities.

When these topics were developed and delivered, the results were impressive. Here is one comment from the events organizer:


We recently held a webinar on public speaking for scientists and had Rick Parmely present as an expert speaker. Rick crafted the entire PowerPoint presentation and delivered a very professional, educational online seminar which received overwhelming outstanding reviews from our audience. Rick is very articulate, detail-oriented and a very powerful and convincing presenter. It was a pleasure to work with Rick and we look forward to partnering with him again in the future.” Stephanie Lane, PI Leader


Polished and Professional can do the same for your organization.

Blue Mountain Quality Resources


Blue Mountain is a software developer of industry standard asset management products and services—designed for the life sciences industry.  Annually, Blue Mountain hosts a major users conference, providing most of the event coordination, and logistics, as well as developing and delivering cutting edge roundtables and technical presentations for customers worldwide


Because of the meeting's importance, Blue Mountain staff wanted to refine their presentation skills, stepping up their communications engagement to a new level.  As a result, Polished and Professional worked with presenters to transform good technical presentations into compelling stories, engaging demonstrations, and educational roundtables designed to provide customers an event experience not soon forgotten.


In evaluating the training, Drexel Rothrauff, Marketing Manager, noted:


Recently, we held a PnP training seminar for an upcoming event. Rick Parmely does excellent job of teaching public speaking skills. In the seminar, he provided an in-depth knowledge of public speaking in a refreshing and comprehensive way that kept us attentive and focused.  The skills he taught allowed us to deliver high impact, technical presentations while keeping our audience engaged. Not only did the training offer a valuable opportunity to polish our public speaking skills, but also provided information for us to improve direct communication with our customers.  I would recommend this training to any organization looking to improve communication skills.


Polished and Professional can provide similar results for you and your speakers today!

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