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Although "Powerful Communications for Scientists" remains our most popular workshop, several new projects have broadened our portfolio of educational events.  Among Pittsburgh Conference offerings,  "Technical Writing for Scientists"  and "Leadership at the Bench:  Effective Communications for Technical Managers" were presented.  We are looking forward to meeting you at "Leadership at the Bench" in Chicago, March 2, 2020.  Any of Polished and Professional Workshops can also be delivered at your organization:  saving costs of travel and time away from your office.  Just request more information!

Powerful Communications
for Scientists & Technical Managers

This workshop will explore how scientists and managers can effectively present data and results in an exciting, convincing manner.  This workshop shows participants how to present hi-impact data, develop a cohesive presentation to maximize your message, and grab and keep your audience’s attention. Tips for powerful conclusions are also developed.




     • Tips & Tricks for getting your story across

     • The A,B,C’s of public speaking for scientists & managers


     • Effective techniques to connect with your audience

     • Hi-Impact Conclusions


Participants test demonstrated skills throughout the day with mock presentations.  Or, bring a presentation you are working on for timely advice.


Individual Coaching Sessions Available. Click to hear what our clients say.

This workshop will stress the importance of lab leadership in developing and growing bench workers: analysts, chemists, graduate and post-doctoral students. Lab directors and managers face a daily challenge of achieving results while being conscious of the need to develop "rising stars" in the laboratory. This workshop will present techniques and practical tips for successful discussions, coaching sessions and mentoring. Gender specific issues will be addressed in a segment on mentoring


     • We need "Bench Strength" in Modern Labs

     • How does effective delegation work?

     • Measurement and Reward

     • Case studies

     • How to "bench" someone



Participants from leaders, managers, and PI's to anyone responsible for leading and developing people in a technical field will benefit from this high-energy, fast-paced workshop.

Leadership at the Bench
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